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[sticky post] About the Crazy Redhead behind you. :P

Well, welcome everyone. My name is Samantha Josephine, a rather long name don't you think? I like being called Sam or Sammi. Some people call me Sammi Jo, and I think that is ok too.

Hmm... what can I say about myself. I'm 5'1 1/4 almost 5'2! Yeah I'm a shawty, a feisty shawty. :P I have Tourette's syndrome and paranoid schizophrenia. I am manic depression too. I'm usually up than down.

As for some random things? I love punk rock, esp. Blink 182. I love Tom DeLonge. He is sooo cute.. I know he is married w/ kidlets but that won't stop me from fangirling him. I love anything Italian food wise... all except eggplant parm. Gross! LOL

I am a grownup pokemon fan. My favorite legendary is Kyogre. :) Right now I can't do anything game wise, I gave my 3DS to Alex my friend Toni's hubby and I gave my vita to Donnie. I hope that I get a game system in my paws soon.

I'm a Cancer with a Sagittarius ascendant. I act like a Sadge most of the time,

Sam, your redheaded windbag.


I have my own tv but I like the coolness of said room.  I have been playing My Singing Monsters on my vita, and it's very interesting and cute. I can't wait for my birthday to come along (July 2) I'm definitely buying a console (2ds or 3ds xl)

I'll be 41. A wee bit older than most LJers. But do you think I give a damn? Nope. No fucks given.


i'm in the tv room...

I have the room to myself... for the time being. My room is stifling. We need the a/c on ... or a fan. Something to take the heat away. The tv room has a ceiling fan so that helps alot.

Kurt is annoying the hell out of me. He is my strongest voice. He will only listen to himself.

I tried earlier to get online and for awhile I couldn't but then the troubleshooter told me about a switch or button that activates the wifi and lo and behold there was a wifi button on my laptop. I can be so dense some times.



It doesn't look appealing... so I am putting the channel on A&E. Good! Criminal Minds is on. :) Today was a busy busy day for me. I did a shitload of walking in, and now my bad foot is hurting. I don't know exactly why, I broke my left foot and had a walking cast, it healed nicely.. but the other foot started hurting.. I found out that the right foot has arthritis. This shit I do not need one bit. I do believe it is raining. This is good.. bc mostly I love the rain, and thunder. Lightning is something else.

I'm rambling, aren't I?

Hello again.

I'm sorry for not posting. There was something wrong with my mac so I traded it in for a Compaq. We have flying ants in our home so tomorrow the exterminator is coming to fumigate the house so after bowling which takes up a good chunk of my time, Coll and I are headed off to the library to use their free wifi. :) I will post some sims pix on my wp which is http://gh0stpupp3t.wordpress.com ok?


I am just trying to wake up...

I drank some coffee but knowing my body, it (the caffeine) will hit me later. I sleep and after I wake up, the fucking caffeine will kick in... that's just how I process coffee. :/ It's bloody annoying. I NEED CAFFEINE NOW!!!


That was good even mildly cathartic. :)

Why Nintendo why?

Why did they create a new 3DS XL when the older XLs are better? WTF were they thinking? The new one has a new miniscule button, so fucking what? *smh* Stupid stupid and yet more bloody stupid. >:(

I hear dogs out in the neighborhood... there is this one dog, maybe on Joseph St, and he literally howls. I feel sorry for it bc it sounds unhappy. Every time I hear that dog, my heart shatters.



Some (3) pix of the forget-me-nots

Here they be... I'm not the world's best photographer but I try. :)


Alright! I have my vita back!

Donnie gave me my vita back so, now I can take pix again! w00t! (Does anyone ever say that these days?) I will take a picture of the snowdrops and forget-me-nots. :) I prefer the vita's camera over the 3DS's.

I think I'll do that now. Ok. I have some. I couldn't find the snowdrops... so I took pix of the forget-me-nots. I'll have them over at my tumblr.




Well, here I be at around 7 am, and I am just waiting for Sharon to open up the kitchen. I hear something... I will eat my breakfast in 5 minutes.

Donnie is giving me back my vita bc he wants a camera my sister pawned off. :) I feel better with the vita back. I love my vita. I have a PSN id which I'm not sure of the login. Shit. Ah w/e I will try and get it back, but my id is samanthaxjo. :)

Welp, it's 7. I'm going to eat now.